Which Style to Choose?

Which Style of Photobooth Should You Choose?

When you buy something simple, you know what you need to get. You know which colors you like, or which options you prefer, or even which person to call.

But what the heck are you supposed to do when choosing a photobooth?

After all, it’s not a decision most people make every day. Photobooths seem like complicated matters. They come with different options, they come with different specs, and there are different types that can complicate matters even further.

Fortunately, this decision isn’t nearly as scary as it might seem.

The style of photobooth you choose will depend on a few factors, sure. But we’re here to help. At Shutterbug Photobooths, we’re not only happy to talk to you and discuss what your best option is, but we’ve taken the liberty of putting together a few tips and answers that will help you discern the ideal photobooth for your upcoming wedding, party, corporate event, and more. Here’s how to choose the style of photobooth for your event:

Suit the Photobooth to Your Event

It starts with knowing what you want.

For example, consider a wedding reception. The goals here are clear. Not only is it a once-in-a-lifetime kind of party—the kind you can revisit in photographs and memories for decades to come—but you want it to go great for every guest who comes, too. That means you’ll want to give them some major entertainment.

That’s when you should opt for a photobooth that can handle a lot of people while also delivering the classic photobooth experience.

We at Shutterbug Photobooths call this the Original Photobooth. This is the photobooth that most people imagine when they think of photobooths. It’s private. You can climb into it. You can review your photos very quickly. You can even enjoy some fun props to make the experience that much more extraordinary.

And that’s all great. But what if you have a different type of event you have to think about? Here’s a quick breakdown of our different available options and the types of events they might suit:

  • The Original Photobooth: The classic photobooth experience. Great for large events, especially weddings, but versatile enough for a wide variety of indoor affairs. These can also work great at Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Graduations, Sweet 16 parties, and more.
  • Shutter Stands. Shutter Stands can pack a lot of entertainment into a small package, which is why it can be ideal for some of the smaller events you host without ever feeling like you’re dialing down the fun. Shutter Stands can use wireless printing, GIF files, photo lab quality paper, and even your choice of backdrop to customize the experience for a wide variety of events.
  • Green Screens. For a sense of adventure, green screens add a tremendous amount of entertainment value to the photobooth experience. They’re also great for tying in elements to your party’s theme, which is fantastic for parties including graduations, birthdays, and other important life milestones.

How to Choose From the Available Photobooths

Although the choice here can seem as simple as matching your event to an appropriate photobooth, we recognize that not every event is the same. Maybe your wedding is going to be a private affair without a huge crowd. Maybe you’re hosting a corporate event—but a “corporate event” can mean anything from a small office to a large company.

In unique situations like these, how do you choose from the available photobooths to find the one that suits you?

Our first recommendation is to contact us here at Shutterbug Photobooths. We’re happy to talk to you and let you know what’s worked for our clients in the past. This phone consultation will also help you understand the different advantages of each booth type.

Here are a few elements you’ll want to consider:

  • Crowd size. How many people does the booth need to accommodate throughout the night? The more guests you have, the more likely it is you’ll need something capable of handling repeat use.
  • Do you have enough space for a larger booth, or will something smaller be more appropriate? You should consider the physical dimensions of the party as well as the number of guests who are planning on attending.

Fortunately, there’s a lot of thinking you can outsource to us at Shutterbug Photobooths. Talk to us, let us know what you need, and our easy set-up and take-down will ensure that no matter which style of photobooth you choose, you’ll be ready to give your guests a great time.


  • We are sooooooo glad we decided to get a photobooth for our wedding! Us and our guests had so much fun with it! Greg was seriously amazing to work with and we are so happy with our experience. He was very responsive and helpful and accommodating to our timeline for the day and worked well with us throughout the planning process. He worked hard throughout the night putting together our guestbook and we are very happy with how it turned out. It's so fun to have photos of all of our guests as a keepsake from the best night of our lives. I would highly recommend Greg for your day!
    - Laura
  • Shutterbug Photo Booth was an absolute blast at our wedding. It was the perfect added touch to make the day that much more memorable. They were fun and easy to work with and everyone enjoyed themselves using the booth. Not only did we get a fabulous book with all the photos, each individual got their own copy...all of this for a very affordable price. Cannot wait to find a reason to use them again :)
  • Everything turned out as planned. The Dj engaged everyone the whole time, photo booth was a hit.
    - Tiffany
  • Greg and his crew did an amazing job at our wedding! They kept everyone out dancing and kept the reception flowing. Also our guests LOVED the photo booth, it was a huge hit! :) They were also very professional, timely, and courteous! I would definitely recommend them to others! Thanks, guys!!
    - Rachel
  • At first, I was hesitant to have a Photo Booth at our wedding since it had been done so much before but Greg convinced me this would be great. I must say, I am SO happy I did it! My guests had SO much fun at the photo booth and signing the book to give them to us and have a keepsake from the night! It was great to have an attendant at the booth to keep things moving and help out anyone who didn't know what to do. I would definitely recommend having Shutterbug Photo Booth at your wedding, it was such a great time and my guests can't stop talking about how much fun they had with all the props! Thanks again Greg!!
    - Glenna
  • We had the photobooth be our guestbook and that was a great way to get everyone in it! We had the really young kids in it, our friends, and even grandmas and grandpas go in it more than once! Everyone could leave a little note and it was so much fun to look at it the next day and laugh at everyone's faces and all the props. We are so glad we rented it, it was totally worth it!
    - Korri