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The Franchising Opportunity of a Lifetime

Ever wanted to own a “side business”?

The idea of a side business is simple: in your spare time, you dedicate a little bit of energy to growing that business. Over time, you not only learn the ins and outs of that business, but you can grow it into something that generates quality returns. And with the franchising model, you eliminate much of the barrier to entry: much of the work is already prepared for you in advance.

Franchising with Shutterbug Photo Booths is one such business. Because you can handle this business on the weekends, there’s no commitment of time and energy that will force you to quit how you spend your normal weekdays. And because we’re expanding the areas we serve, there may be fresh opportunities for you to explore with minimal competition in your local marketplace. Here are a few reasons to consider buying your own photo booth:

  • Freedom of time. Being able to grow a business and working conveniently on the weekends don’t always go hand-in-hand. Most people hear the word “franchising” and imagine that they’ll have to spend 12-hour days for years before their business shows any kind of return. With Shutterbug Photo Booths, you’ll have the freedom to explore a side business without making it your new nine-to-five.
  • Opportunity for growth. You might imagine that a photo booth business includes a high barrier to entry. But you’d be surprised at the opportunity for growth present with photo booths. Not only are there plenty of locations still available to serve as your photo booth market, but offering a wide variety of services with today’s technology means finding plenty of events that might be interested in your booth.
  • Freedom of decision-making. Buying your own booth puts you in the driver’s seat. You’re allowed to figure out exactly what you want to do with this business. You can choose markets, you can choose the types of events you serve, and you can choose when and where you work.

Experiencing a Shutterbug Photo Booth for the first time can be a great way to spend an evening. But purchasing a photo booth can be a great way to spend your spare time, turning a wisei investment into a lucrative side business. For more information, contact Shutterbug Photo Booths.



  • We are sooooooo glad we decided to get a photobooth for our wedding! Us and our guests had so much fun with it! Greg was seriously amazing to work with and we are so happy with our experience. He was very responsive and helpful and accommodating to our timeline for the day and worked well with us throughout the planning process. He worked hard throughout the night putting together our guestbook and we are very happy with how it turned out. It's so fun to have photos of all of our guests as a keepsake from the best night of our lives. I would highly recommend Greg for your day!
    - Laura
  • Shutterbug Photo Booth was an absolute blast at our wedding. It was the perfect added touch to make the day that much more memorable. They were fun and easy to work with and everyone enjoyed themselves using the booth. Not only did we get a fabulous book with all the photos, each individual got their own copy...all of this for a very affordable price. Cannot wait to find a reason to use them again :)
  • Everything turned out as planned. The Dj engaged everyone the whole time, photo booth was a hit.
    - Tiffany
  • Greg and his crew did an amazing job at our wedding! They kept everyone out dancing and kept the reception flowing. Also our guests LOVED the photo booth, it was a huge hit! :) They were also very professional, timely, and courteous! I would definitely recommend them to others! Thanks, guys!!
    - Rachel
  • At first, I was hesitant to have a Photo Booth at our wedding since it had been done so much before but Greg convinced me this would be great. I must say, I am SO happy I did it! My guests had SO much fun at the photo booth and signing the book to give them to us and have a keepsake from the night! It was great to have an attendant at the booth to keep things moving and help out anyone who didn't know what to do. I would definitely recommend having Shutterbug Photo Booth at your wedding, it was such a great time and my guests can't stop talking about how much fun they had with all the props! Thanks again Greg!!
    - Glenna
  • We had the photobooth be our guestbook and that was a great way to get everyone in it! We had the really young kids in it, our friends, and even grandmas and grandpas go in it more than once! Everyone could leave a little note and it was so much fun to look at it the next day and laugh at everyone's faces and all the props. We are so glad we rented it, it was totally worth it!
    - Korri